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Behavior Challenges

What can sensory processing challenges look like in your home or child's school?

  • Distress during dressing-refusal to wear particular clothing textures-throws socks, wears the same clothing 

  • Behavior during grooming- cries during face washing, hair washing/cutting, etc.

  • Needs to touch all textures, toys, surfaces, people, bumps into others or things; leans on walls, drapes self over furniture, crashes into people

  • Covers ears to avoid sound-affects family time at fireworks, parades and vacuum use, loud toys and groups of people/classroom

  • Frequent need to move/difficulty sitting for even short periods of time during meals, playing or school related tasks; short attention span compared to peers

  • Yelling/cries when asked to move onto next activity or if a plan changes

  • Emotional for long periods of time-big reaction to small issues

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