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Your Child Could Benefit From Occupational Therapy if they...

  • Says “I can’t” to age-appropriate activities

  • Dislikes coloring, doing puzzles or cutting with scissors


  • Uses an immature grasp on a pencil or utensil


  • Has difficulty identifying letters, numbers, shapes, colors


  • Is frustrated with any handwriting task, forming letters, writing name


  • Struggles to sit for age-appropriate tasks


  • Is hard to calm or struggles to self-calm


  • Avoids messy activities

  • Seeks or avoids sensory input affecting daily activities

  •  Has difficulty following directions and paying attention

  • Bumps into people or things-poor body awareness

  • Can’t take off/ put on clothing or complete fasteners

  • Transitions between activities with difficulty

  •  Demonstrates behavior during home school tasks or homework

  • Are a picky eater and you are a frustrated parent

The exceptional parent education and support we provide is crucial to ongoing progress and helps to promote parent confidence in using the tools and strategies at home utilized in occupational therapy practice.

All of our services are available in home or school in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. Our packages are private pay-no insurance accepted. Packages start at $255.00 Credit card, Checks or Venmo accepted. No insurances are billed; HSA payments are accepted.
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