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What is Occupational Therapy?

Pediatric Occupational Therapy specializes in evaluation and treatment of children and adolescents with fine motor, visual motor, handwriting, self-care, picky eating, coordination and sensory processing challenges.


We identify developmental concerns in these areas affecting optimal functioning and create specific treatment plans according to each child’s individual needs.


Evaluation of your child’s home learning environment; suggestions for remediation to optimize learning

Evaluation of sensory processing challenges affecting learning and everday lifestyle

A structured sensory treatment plan (sensory diet) tailored to your child with an organized recording system to implement sensory strategies. Education and feedback for ongoing success!

Preschool/daycare based Occupational Therapy screenings to identify challenges early

Home Learning and Sensory Strategies  (2

Evaluation and treatment of fine and visual motor skills and activities of daily living.

Home Learning and Sensory Strategies  (2

Occupational Therapy  evaluation and treatment for students attending private school or home schooled

Home Learning and Sensory Strategies  (3

Evalution and treatment for picky eating

Home Learning and Sensory Strategies  (3

Sensory storytime collaboration with local libraries and community programs providing inclusive storytime experience

Q: How can Home Learning and Sensory Strategies and Occupational Therapy help me and my child?

Q: How do sensory processing issues affect learning and every day activities and what can you do to help?


Q: I work all day; can you see my child at their daycare for OT? How will I know what you worked on?

Q: I see you don’t take insurance; why should I hire you?

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