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An Occupational Therapy Perspective
Marianne Faber MOTR/L

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Where expert pediatric occupational therapy meets convenience!

Serving the South Hills of Pittsburgh, Home Learning and Sensory Strategies addresess developmental concerns by evaluating and treating your child’s fine and visual motor skills, handwriting, sensory processing, and self-care challenges in your home or child's school. We will remediate your child’s home learning/homework environment to make that stressful part of your day a calmer and happier experience!

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As a Parent 

If you are frustrated and struggling to consistently help your child to self regulate we can give you the tools and support needed to help your child and home be calmer.

As a Teacher 

If you observe behavioral/sensory related issues with a child in your classroom, call us to complete an occupational therapy screening or a consultation. We are here to provide education and resources to help make your classroom a more sensory-friendly environment. Sensory processing challenges can affect crucial fine/visual motor skills, which we also assess for optimal learning.

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We now offer trainings to preschool directors and teachers on sensory processing and related behaviors in your classrooms!

What can sensory processing challenges look like in your home or child's school?

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Read our most asked questions

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Kind Words...

"Marianne was an excellent OT for my special needs son. She helped me to develop a sensory diet to fulfill his needs, to then be able to focus on other skills. Marianne's patience and encouragement made time with her a delight and my son was eager to participate. I highly recommend Marianne as a pediatric occupational therapist." 
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